5 Myths About Chiropractors

It is likely that you have heard a lot of things about Chiropractors.  Unfortunately many of those things aren’t accurate.  In the article I am going to explain and clarify the reasons why some of these inaccuracies exist, and then explain in a more accurate way the truth about each.

  1. Once you go to a chiropractor, you always have to go back.   -Many people visit the chiropractor looking for a quick fix to a problem that has been present for years. Symptoms only show up once a person has lost 60% of function. Chiropractors are really good at getting rid of symptoms, however, the body is still working on regaining the lost function well after the symptoms disappear. Once a patient is stabilized, they no longer have to worry about these symptoms returning. Many patients CHOOSE to continue chiropractic care as a part of their wellness just like going to the gym, eating healthy, getting their teeth cleaned, etc.

  1. Kids don’t need a chiropractor. -Kids need a chiropractor more than anyone! From birth trauma, learning how to crawl and walk, to sports and poor posture as a teenager, kids are the primary candidate for chiropractic. Many common ailments are experienced with chiropractic care such as allergies, ear infections, colic, spitting up, digestive issues, and overall behavioral disturbances (ADD, ADHD).  “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree”. It is easier to grow healthy kids rather than fix broken adults. When adults come to us with years of wear and tear it takes time to restore full function to their body and nervous system. As a child, there has been less repetitive stress on the nervous system so they respond faster to care and function properly throughout life.

  1. Chiropractic is only for neck and back pain.   -Contrary to popular belief chiropractic focuses on the nervous system and restoring the body to proper function. Many patients seek chiropractic care for “pain” because we are really good at knocking out their symptoms. However, every nerve in your body that runs to all organs and cells originate from the spinal cord. When there is stress on the nervous system through the 3T’s (Physical Trauma, Chemical Trauma, Emotional Trauma) spinal misalignments, called subluxation, occur and put stress on the nervous system. When the nerves are irritated and have extra stress on them, people experience many other symptoms that are not pain related. Once proper function is restored to the nervous system and the nerves that go to all organs and tissues, many people experience a decrease in their symptoms.

  1. Chiropractic adjustments can hurt.   -Every patient responds differently to chiropractic and they also present differently to our office. When someone is experiencing pain the last thing they want to experience is worsened pain at a chiropractic office. Most patients experience an automatic decrease in pain when getting adjusted because the joints that have been fixated and not moving properly finally have motion. Some patient can experience muscle soreness after an adjustment due to the body shifting from where it “was” to where it’s supposed to be. However, generally patients feel relieved and comfortable after an adjustment.

  1. Chiropractic is a quick fix. -Chiropractic restores health in your body through a proper functioning nervous system. Many people tend to think of chiropractic as a quick fix for pain. Remember, pain is only experienced with a loss of 60% function, so, when the pain is relieved, your body is only functioning at 40% of its optimal level. In our office, we are concerned with restoring proper function to the nervous system which not only keeps you out of pain, but it keeps you healthy and functioning at optimal levels.

Jen Santa Maria